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Common Queries

Hopefully I can answer any questions you have, if not, just drop me a message

Do you do custom/commission work?

Of course! I primarily focus on Character and Cutesy Monster Art, but I am always willing to try out new things. Backgrounds and Environment work aren't my strongest areas, but I am always developing and adapting, so hopefully soon I can show off some of my Environment work too! For now, however, Characters and Monsters are where it's at!

What are your payment terms?

Check out my "Commission Prices" page. As it stands, individual commissions will be processed through Paypal, 50% payment upfront and then another 50% once I've finished the piece. Once the payment has been fully processed, you will be sent the full high-rez image along with any sketches and line art. If you're still not sure, just drop me a message.

How long does an average project take?

That entirely depends on the size of the project. A singular, full-body character with a simple background normally only takes a few days, but I've also got to take into consideration if I have any other major projects going on at the same time, which may push the timescale back a bit. The best thing to do is drop me a message so we can discuss what it is you want so I can fully personalise the experience.

Why do you charge more if I don’t supply you with screenshots/previous character artwork/character sheets?

This is because not only am I drawing your character for you, but I am designing it, which takes extra time and resources. If you already supply me with a character that you’ve had designed/screenshotted from a game, then it is much less time consuming and I am able to transfer that design into my style. If, however, I am given only a block of text to work with, I have to do extra research and basically ‘create’ the character from my imagination. This involves a lot of trial and error when trying to deliver to you the character you had in mind. Therefore, I charge a little more for this process. Think of it as a ‘designers fee’.

What Tools do you use?

Clip Studio Paint
Wacom Cintiq Pro 24 Touch
Lots and lots of snacks...

Do you still do Traditional Art?

I have about a million sketchbooks scattered around the flat, but all the finalised work that is sent out to clients is digital.

Do you do Art Trades?

No, sorry to say but I don't do Art Trades, nor do I accept "shoutouts" on social media as a form of payment. I gotta eat, haha!

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